On-campus Kingian Nonviolence Training Opportunity

Please note: Nonviolence trainings are currently on hold. Please contact us at [email protected] to ask about possibilities.

The Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies can facilitate a Kingian Nonviolence Training on your campus.

The training can be provided for between $500 and $3,000 depending on length, number of participants, catering and room costs, and travel costs. WIPCS has a limited number of grants available only to its member institutions to host a nonviolence training on their campus through a generous grant from one of our founding members. The grants are for up to $3,000. The goal is to provide as many trainings as possible at minimal to no cost for hosts and participants. Any savings through cost-sharing will allow for additional trainings.


Martin Luther King, Jr. is viewed as one of humanity’s most forceful voices for freedom, justice and equality. His emphasis on leveraging nonviolent action to achieve positive social change has inspired millions to study his philosophy and tactics of nonviolence. Spreading the conceptual framework used and taught by Dr. King – “Kingian Nonviolence” – is the goal of this training.

A typical training runs two days, 8:30 – 4:00. If desired, the trainers can facilitate an evening event which is usually a video showing and discussion.

Examples of training content include:

  • The concepts of nonviolence and Dr. King’s eclectic philosophy based on his writings
  • Types and levels of conflict
  • An examination of Martin Luther King’s 6 Principles of Nonviolence
  • An analysis of the 6 Steps of Nonviolence
  • A review of Dr. King’s key campaigns
  • Dynamic models of social change

The training can be tailored to your group and interests.

To apply to host a training for students, faculty and staff, and community members on your campus, please follow the directions below:

What you can expect from WIPCS

WIPCS will provide Certified Kingian Nonviolence Trainers.

  • The Trainers have a demonstrated depth of knowledge as well as facilitation skills.
  • They will present the content, facilitate active learning exercises, and engage the participants for two full days of learning.
  • The trainers will arrive the day before the training to prepare and verify the accommodations are set.
  • The WIPCS trainer will provide each participant with a 3 ring binder that includes a training booklet and supplementary reading materials.
  • The WIPCS trainer will provide a flyer (pdf format) for marketing the event.

Expectations of the host institution

The host institution will be expected to complete the following tasks:

  • Prepare a budget for the event. This should be prepared in consultation with the nonviolence trainer, Jim Handley. If applying for the grant, please note that the upper limit of the grant is $3,000.
  • Reserve a room that is appropriate for the number of participants. It is preferable to have circular tables set up that can seat 5-8 people.
  • Order morning catering for the participants. Typically, this consists of coffee, tea, fruit, muffins, and bagels. This should be part of the proposed budget.
  • Order lunch for the participants. Ideally this is a boxed lunch on-site to encourage interaction among participants. This should also be part of the proposed budget.
  • Provide participants and trainers with parking passes, if necessary.
  • Market the training to its target audience and handle participant registration.
  • If the host is a WIPCS member school and the training is part of the grant opportunity, the representative from the host institution will notify the administration of the event, making clear that the event was made possible through its institutional membership to WIPCS. Administrators are welcome to participate in the training or to simply make an appearance to welcome the participants.

Benefits of a non-violence training for an institution are many, including the potential to build its capacity for peace education, develop student leaders, get great material and exercises for your classes, and highlight how valuable a membership in the Institute is, or would be.

To discuss a 1- or 2-day Kingian Nonviolence Training on your campus, please contact the Institute at [email protected]. The following information will be helpful.

Your name:

Your institution:

Proposed dates of training: (Any two consecutive days; weekdays, weekends, whatever works for your institution)

Expected number of participants: (10-100)

Target audience: (faculty/staff, students, specific student orgs, community members, mixed)

The building and room of the event: