The Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies offers mini-grants to support faculty scholarship and instruction throughout the academic year. These opportunities are funded by a generous gift from WIPCS founding member Dick Ringler, Emeritus Professor of English at UW Madison, and membership dues from WIPCS member schools. These mini-grants support curricular development and faculty research pertaining to peace and conflict, understood to include not only foreign policy issues and global areas of conflict, but also domestic issues of race, gender, culture, the environment, migration, and similar subjects that contribute to peace, justice, and human flourishing. The Institute is non-partisan and encourages debate and discussion of multiple perspectives.

These mini-grants are for $300 to support research or course development. Academic staff and faculty from WIPCS member schools (prior year, current year, or renewal pending) are eligible. Individuals can apply more than once, but cannot receive more than one grant per academic year. Our expectation is that the recipient will present a related paper or participate in a panel discussion pertinent to the project at an annual WIPCS faculty-student conference, with conference registration fees waived.

To apply, please complete this application form, or contact WIPCS for the link.


  1. Selection criteria: The award committee will assess each submission on a scale of 1 to 5, answering the following questions:
    a. To what degree does this application support faculty scholarship or instruction in the broad categories of justice, peace, and conflict? Topics might include: social inequalities, interfaith understanding, environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship, historical patterns of prejudice or injustice, civil liberties, human rights, civic engagement, peace and conflict, international relations, etc.
    b. To what degree is the proposal innovative or representative of an emerging field or subject in peace, justice, and conflict studies?
  2. Deadlines: There will be two application deadlines per year (September 15 application for an October 15 decision; January 15 application for a February 15 decision). Award recipients will be asked to submit an abstract for the spring conference.
  3. Eligibility: Academic staff and faculty from WIPCS member schools are eligible. WIPCS Executive Committee members can apply for mini-grants, but preference will be given to applicants who are not on that committee. Any individual on the selection committee should recuse themselves from consideration of their own applications.
  4. Payment will be processed as reimbursement upon completion of conference presentation.